Thursday, February 7, 2013

my struggle

I think in our culture currently the danger for most of us Christians is for us to be too earthly minded to be any heavenly good.

I say this because we have a multitude of resources on how to have the perfect Christian marriage, children, and family life, yet we seem to have forgotten that even if our marriage fails, our children rebel, or our family life is tainted and torn apart by relational stress and strain, God's glory is our reason for being.  God's glory, not our perfect picture that ultimately glorifies only us for our perseverance.

What if God is glorified by our struggles to love and forgive each other?  What if God is glorified by our awareness of how much we need Him?  What if God is glorified best in our lives by creating us to be wounded healers, rather than spiritual heros?

What if?

Would it change our perspective if we really knew God in all His glory, sovereignty, love, and power?

Would we change?

Or are we too busy enmeshed in the things of this world- even the good things- to realize that this life is a speck in the existence of our loving Father?  

This is heaven: to know Him.  This is what we were created for, whatever the mess we find ourselves dealing with daily.  The perfect life does not exist now; it never did.  We were however created for glory.

I need a reality check daily; I need to remember that heaven is worth the process, rather than being enmeshed in the futile pursuit of trying to "fix" (get out of) the (messy) process now.

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