Sunday, March 25, 2012

my newest (American) hobby

Decided to change my profile name today to "The Blog Bites Better than the Bullet", which is linked to the idea that "the pen is sharper than the sword", of course.  But it's also a reminder to me to "bite the bullet" and write from the heart; to be honest, no matter who might read this, because telling the truth can change lives.  It's worth it even if my life is the only one affected.
My husband was very excited to take me on our first real shooting date when we could get a babysitter after our son was born.  I was amazed at how fun it was- my usual hobbies have been things like swimming (OK, paddling), blogging and internet-surfing of course, playing the piano, and general laying around watching sit-coms, when I can't afford skiing or ice-skating.  So when I watched my next episode of Frasier today I had to laugh!  Niles is sooooo me; I can be a pretty decent shot, and I follow instructions like him: aim, grip, relax, shoot, etc.  Hilarious.
Growing up in England, I never thought I'd be enjoying this...but then I never knew I'd be living without rain 360 days of the year either.  This is what deserts are for!

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